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Navigating family legal cases can be incredibly challenging and emotionally taxing. The complexity of these cases and the high stakes involved create a significant emotional toll on everyone involved. In situations where the opposing party is unwilling to reach a compromise, the prolonged duration of the case can further contribute to mental strain, potentially lasting for years.

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When facing challenging family legal cases, finding timely resolutions is crucial. At Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP, our team of experienced Camino family lawyers is here to support you. By thoroughly understanding your unique situation, we can develop a tailored legal strategy to achieve the best possible outcome that all parties can agree upon. We prioritize providing the necessary resources to ensure you are well-informed throughout the progression of your case. With our assistance, you can navigate the process more smoothly and efficiently.

We also guarantee that we will handle each case compassionately and with care, especially for child custody, support, and domestic violence cases. Our legal team will zealously fight for your rights and protection and ensure you can face the future without further legal issues.

Take the first step towards resolving your family legal matters by scheduling a consultation with Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP, your trusted family lawyer in Camino. Whether you need assistance with divorce, child custody, adoption, or any other family law issue, we are here to help. Contact us at (916) 260-2637 to book your consultation today and let us advocate for your rights and the well-being of your family. Don’t face these challenges alone – our compassionate and skilled attorneys are here to support you every step of the way.

Experienced Family Attorneys

Our Camino, CA, family law firm offers personalized legal services to all our clients who may have family legal troubles. We will work with each client to create the best legal defense possible for their case and fight for it.

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Here is the list of cases our Camino family lawyers can help you with:

Divorce: No matter what led to your divorce and how severe it will be for both you, your spouse, and your children, our Camino, CA, family law firm can personalize our legal service to match your case. We will do our best to reduce the negative impacts the divorce can bring to you and your family by serving as your legal representative and counsel throughout the case.

Property and Asset Division: Any asset or property owned by a couple during their marriage will be divided fairly if they undergo a divorce proceeding. However, parties may contest the share they receive if they are not the properties they truly want. Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP can sit down with you to identify the assets and properties that will be included in the divorce proceedings and fight for the properties you want to keep for yourself. We can also help you protect your separate properties, which you owned before the marriage.

Child Custody: If the divorce involves children, child custody arrangements will be implemented so the children can still have time with their parents, even if they are no longer together. Depending on the child’s interests and needs, the court may opt to order joint or sole custody. Our Camino family lawyers can assist in helping you understand the process of securing custody of your child while creating a working custody arrangement that will cater to your child’s best interest. Our team can also help you modify or enforce the order if one party fails to fulfill their side.

Camino Family Lawyer mom and girl 300x200Child Support: Child support will also be in the discussions while child custody is being discussed during the divorce proceedings. The court will look into which parent must pay the support and how the support should be used by the receiving parent, who will ensure it is used for the child’s needs. We can help you create the best child support arrangement that works for all parties and even assist you in getting the arrangement modified or enforced when needed.

Spousal Support: For some couples, the court may order one party to pay spousal support if they can see that the other party will not be able to sustain themselves after the divorce. Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP can fight for the right amount of spousal support that will help you pick your life back after the divorce. If you are the one tasked to pay spousal support, we can look into the ruling to see if there were errors in the computation or fight against the ruling.

Camino Family Lawyer father and child 300x200Father’s Rights: In California, a father has the same rights as the mother, and if they are not married to the child’s mother, they have the right to fight for custody and visitation. The judge will use a strict set of guidelines to see if a father can meet the child’s needs and verify if their paternity is legitimate. Our legal team can help you establish your paternity and fight for equal rights to be involved in your child’s life. We can also assist fathers who have questions about their child’s paternity and those who would like to deny the paternity claims thrown at you.

Domestic Violence: Is your family member physically, mentally, or emotionally abusing you or another member of your family or household? Report it to us immediately because this is a clear domestic violence case. Our family lawyers will bring you and your family to safety and create a strong case against your abuser so they are punished for their actions. If you are accused of the crime, we can also help you defend your case by showing evidence proving your innocence.

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When it comes to family legal issues, you shouldn’t take it on by yourself. Partner with an established Camino, CA, family law firm to help you through these legal battles and know how to defend your interests in court.

With Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP as your legal team, you are guaranteed to have an easier experience as our team will personalize our legal services to match your situation. We will assign you to one of our experienced family lawyers, who will be your legal guide and representative throughout the case. We will fight for the best resolution for your case no matter how serious the case is and enable you to make the right decisions during and after the proceedings.

Contact Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP today for a consultation with our trusted family lawyers in Camino. We’ll listen, understand your situation, and provide personalized legal guidance. Whether it’s divorce, child custody, or any family law matter, we’re here to help. Call (916) 260-2637 to book your consultation and let us advocate for your rights and your family’s well-being.